“…I Fell to the Ground”

conversion-of-st-paulHave you ever found that God often moves in your life while you’re “falling to the ground”?

“…a great light from the sky suddenly shone around me. I fell to the ground and heard a voice…”

These words of St. Paul’s, which we’ll hear in the first reading at Mass for the feast of his Conversion, reminded me of one time when I found this opening statement to be very true.

It was July of the summer after my sophomore year of college.  I was taking a geology class to get my lab science requirement out of the way.

I had perceived a vocation to religious life the summer before, but was very hush hush about it.  The only one I had told was my mother, whom I had sworn to silence about the whole matter.  (Keeping an excited mother quiet was definitely a challenge!)

It took an ambulance trip and stay at the hospital to open me up to discussing the matter with anyone else; I was made open and vulnerable by this experience.

Isn’t it too bad that sometimes it takes extenuating circumstances to knock us into shape?  Maybe St. Paul’s experience could inspire us to try to be open to God’s desires for us on a daily basis.  This could actually be a daily prayer intention: for an open heart.  (I do try to open my prayer time with that intention.)

One thought on ““…I Fell to the Ground”

  1. The “O Jesus Meek and Humble of Heart” prayer is one that keeps us in the state of reflection you mentioned here. If you don’t know it, I can send it to you. It’s a good morning prayer (or anytime, really!) to get the focus off ourselves and onto living as Christ. Thanks for the good read!


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