No Excuses!

Have you ever noticed how certain people just “rub you the wrong way”?  They have a tendency of doing things that get on your nerves.

You even come to expect it of them.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten into that groove recently myself.  There’s an individual with whom I’ve become accustomed to being annoyed (shame on me, I know!)

This morning, I caught myself.  The individual had done something and I was about to be critical of it.  Then, I asked myself “What should have they done differently?”

I realized that there was nothing different that they should have done.  I had just become accustomed to being annoyed with them.  This comes from many months that helped form a negative mindset.

I might ask myself where the person is question’s responsibility ended and mine began, but that would be a topic for a different discussion.

Recently, I realized that I cannot be making excuses.  Whether or not I like this person and their behaviors, I still am asked to love them.  There are no excuses that exempt me from this call.

On reflection, I’ve also realized that I should not be allowing excuses to keep me from loving in other situations, either.

img_0895Whether I am working at the reception desk or upstairs as an aide, I need to love and respect each person I meet, not letting any excuse stand in the way.

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6 thoughts on “No Excuses!

  1. Sister, I look on what you are saying, as it relates to my life, by thinking ‘let bygones be bygones’. In other words, don’t dwell on the past but I try to pray for that person and also ask Jesus to help me love them more and to give me a change of heart.

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  2. Sr. Christina, this is really the reflection I need to today. Oh, how I need it. Thank you for sharing. I ask the Lord to help me remember this and love no matter what is said or done. God bless you, Sr. Christina. Basrb


  3. First, let me say that I hope it’s not me who is annoying you!

    I caught myself being what I felt was too critical about a resident here one day and, seated within hearing distance of the reception desk, voiced out loud that I should put more effort into curtailing my criticism of others behavior. A response came from the person on duty. They asked me, “Why should you lower your standards to accommodate them?” So, I understand your dilemma.

    After all, Jesus became annoyed and lost His temper with some people, too. When we become upset, it may be His way of warning us that there are just some behaviors we should not accept.

    I often listen to Mother Angelica on her EWTN ministry. She has talked about being in a situation where she is critical but one that calls for her annoyed behavior to get the message across to the individual whose behavior needs correcting.

    Take heart. You just may be on the right track!


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