“…I Played My Best for Him”

listen-013Christmas Eve, I returned to the convent house after working my shift at the front desk, helping deliver Christmas goodies to our neighbors, and catching up on some things in chapel.

Sr. Rebecca had a musical Christmas program on TV.  The singer was giving a beautiful rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy.”

One line, though I’ve heard it many times before, struck me: “…I played my best for Him.”

It inspired me to think: “I want to ‘play’ my best for Him, too.  I want to do my best with my life to do what pleases Jesus.

Though it’s not the playing of a drum for the infant Jesus in Bethlehem long ago, I want to play my best, too.  I don’t want to take shortcuts miss any beats.

I am grateful for the opportunity that confession offers to “try the song over” when I haven’t “played my best for Him.”

This Christmas season, I pray for the grace to live in such a way that another phrase from the song may be appropriate to my life as well: “Then He smiled at me.”

2 thoughts on ““…I Played My Best for Him”

  1. Sister, I think He is always smiling at you!
    May our Divine Infant Jesus bless you and all the Sisters at St. Anne’s throughout the Christmas season and all of the new year.

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