“…It’s Because You’ve Found Something”

aa524b5e46f8b791b2020a2f53ade925This past weekend, helping with a retreat for young people, I again watched the 1945 film The Bells of St. Mary’s.  

(Actually, I ended up ‘watching’ my towel as I embroidered for part of the time.)

During the course of the movie, I was intrigued by a little dialogue which took place between Patsy, an eighth grader, and the Sister Superior at St. Mary’s School.  I was actually edified by a remark the script writers put on the Sister’s lips:

Sister Mary Benedict: You don’t become a nun to run away from life, Patsy. It’s not because you’ve lost something. It’s because you’ve found something.

Wow…leave it to Hollywood to provide us with a beautiful, succinct reflection on the meaning of Religious Life!  I was impressed!

The only change I’d probably make regards the last word in the superior’s response to the distraught young lady.  She might actually have said: “It’s because you’ve found someone.”  

Too bad this message isn’t more well known to young people today!


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