Seasonal Struggles…Observing Advent

Advent is just around the corner!
img_0896This morning, I had to go to the basement to help unload boxes of donated items we’ll be putting on our rummage sale.  Then, I remembered: “I have to get the stand up for the advent wreath!”

I did this and returned to first floor in time to set up in chapel for our 9 a.m. Mass.

Afterword, when giving the receptionist her morning break, I could hear, of all things, Christmas music!

You might call me a bit of a ‘scrooge,’ I guess, but one thing that gets on my nerves every year is our society’s inability to WAIT!

We have Christmas movies, Christmas music, Christmas sales well over a month before the REAL Christmas season actually begins.

To me, it is so difficult to truly observe Advent, to wait and prepare for the joy of Christ’s coming.  I so wish our culture would practice a little patience so I could more easily and peacefully practice the time of Advent waiting.

Last year, I published a little poem in our newsletter here at St. Anne’s, articulating some of these sentiments.  I hope you enjoy it:

Carolers come and carolers go;
visitors track in ice and snow.
They’re trying to bring us all good cheer
during this special time of year.

We have activities like ‘Santa Races,’
see Christmas décor in various spaces;
There’s parties and plentiful goodies to spare
as ‘Season’s Greetings’ many do share.

Amidst these busy, bustling scenes,
many forget what Advent means:
that it is, in fact, a time to wait
and prepare to celebrate.

While some have Christmas in mid-November,
Let us all, ourselves, remember
To make our hearts ready during this season
For our Lord’s coming, which is its real reason.

Let us make room for Him to come in,
and as our Advent does begin,
let’s share His love with each person we see
and prepare for His nativity.


3 thoughts on “Seasonal Struggles…Observing Advent

  1. You are not alone in dismay over our culture’s preoccupation with ‘commercial’ pursuits – buying and selling. We are to be witnesses – peaceful in the midst of angst, drawing from the Lord’s storehouse of Peace and Goodwill when that may be lacking around us. Every year I look forward to slowing down a bit during the dark, quiet days of hush which comes upon our northern climes this time of year. Lighting candles, which flicker meditatively, and sitting in prayer with Scripture. Thank you for pointing us in that direction. Blessed Advent to you all.


  2. I totally agree. We “miss out” on so much during this season of “waiting” when we dive into the early Christmas activities. Personally I look forward to silence and reflections this Advert. A time that brings peace and true joy to life. Have a blessed Advent!


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