Inspired Again by Music

listen 014.JPGMaybe I’m biased (as an organist), but I have been noticing lately how very valuable and inspiring sacred music can be.  In fact, last evening, I was again touched and lifted up by a Holy Hour at the Newman Center during which music led us deeper in to prayer and quiet recollection.

I know I just wrote about another piece of music, but please bear with me – I’m going to do it again.

This morning at Mass, we sang a familiar hymn, The Church’s One Foundation.  It was the second verse that struck me (especially the phrases I’ve bolded):

Elect from every nation, yet one o’er all the earth;
her charter of salvation: one Lord, one faith, one birth.
One holy name she blesses, partakes one holy food,
and to one hope she presses, with every grace endued.

It is beautiful to think of us all “blessing” the holy name of Jesus.  We also pray for Christian unity, that we could all partake together of the “one holy food” of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Although we as Christians have our differences and divisions, it is wonderful to think of the “one Lord, one faith, one birth” we hold in common.  Even this song reminds us of our unity, as it is shared across lines of denominations.

If you’re interested you can read my reflection on music published this past September on The Catholic Stand.

3 thoughts on “Inspired Again by Music

  1. This very song has always sparked a profound feeling; just as we have one particular song assigned as our National Anthem, this song feels like our faith’s anthem! I get pumped up just singing it! When a song carries words of Truth, sings of foundation beliefs, it seems to transform from a song, to almost like Scripture! “The Word of God is powerful, living, able to divide between bone and marrow… ” Isn’t this what we receive from a hymn that is written on the Truth, prayed over, and then sung with all our heart?


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