Organized Chaos


It happens every year!  The twenty-four hour (plus) period before the conclusion of our annual sale and luncheon Saturday afternoon feels like a whirlwind around St. Anne’s Guest Home where I work.

We are busy hanging tapestries, putting out cards and knick-knacks, putting up tables for displays, cutting out price stickers, and countless other little details in preparation for our annual Craft, Bake and Variety Sale.

A lot of other work has already been done.  Our activities staff have been busy organizing and displaying various articles.  I have been busy promoting the event (which is held in conjunction with our luncheon), and the three of us sisters have been making extra efforts to get towels embroidered for the sale.

I’ve come to refer to all of this hustle and bustle as “organized chaos.”  We are organized and pretty much know what we’re doing, but, all the preparations and all the extra people coming through our doors are enough to make your head spin.

We tell each other, with sincerity, “I’ll sure be glad when Saturday is over.”

If you live and town, and wish to experience “organized chaos” at its finest, just stop on over between 10:30 and 1 tomorrow.  I hear the cream of potato soup is delicious!

2 thoughts on “Organized Chaos

  1. We just got back from St. Anne’s Luncheon and Craft/Bake Sale – Wow! What wonderful bargains and selection to choose from! We purchased the most lovely embroidered gifts at a price we could not have made ourselves! The luncheon is satisfying and well worth the donated $8.00 for a sandwich, soup, dessert, and beverage. No doubt, going will be a family tradition every year. Thanks and Blessings!


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