Free Refills


The refrain for this Wednesday’s responsorial psalm is “you will draw water joyfully from the springs of salvation.”  However, that’s not what I had in mind when I set out to write this post on “free refills.”  This psalm does remind me of the Easter Vigil, where it is also sung, and the blessing of the baptismal font.  What a beautiful, meaningful passage!

What I had in mind is not nearly as beautiful.  In fact, my hands are presently rather a wreck as the result of my “free refills.”  They are discolored and have a couple nicks in them from processing lots and lots of apples.

~ ~ ~

A week or two ago, we processed almost 250 lbs. of apples.  Many of these went into many quarts (or should I say gallons?) of applesauce.  At the time, Sr. Rebecca went looking all over for enough containers in which to freeze it.

This past Sunday, our kitchen served pork chops, which are always accompanied by applesauce.  Therefore, late last week, I got a couple of large containers out of the freezer at the request of our dietary supervisor.

Earlier this week, she returned the empty containers to me.  However, I did not know where they went, so I left them out on a table until Sr. Rebecca returned and I could ask her.

apple sauce However, in the meantime, several more bags of apples came in, and I was in the sauce-making business again.  Quickly, it occurred to me that I had large containers handy to use.  “Free refills,” I thought!

So, I re-filled the containers with freshly-made sauce and put them in the freezer.

In the above-quoted passage, we are exhorted to “give thanks to the LORD, [and] acclaim his name.”  This I definitely want to do.

Along with apples, one thing I want to give thanks for is the willingness of some of our people here to help cut apples.

I would be hard-pressed to provide free refills without their help!

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

One thought on “Free Refills

  1. Ah, Sr Christina. What an enjoyable and honest article ! God seems to provide the apples and the workers. Do continue to enjoy His gifts.


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