Sowing Seeds: Sister Edwardine Gerou

p1010007Sr. Edwardine, who lives at our provincial house in Hankinson, is celebrating!

Her birthday was this past weekend and her name day is around the corner.

On this occasion, we’ll share a little bit about our Sister, who was spent much of her life sewing and sowing seeds (physical and spiritual).

Sr. Edwardine was born and raised in Drayton, North Dakota.  She entered our congregation and made first profession in 1949 after having finished her schooling.

She was asked to work in our vestment department, where she did mostly embroidery to help keep up with all the orders received at the time.

During her 27 years working there, she also had other duties, including working with the resident students and teaching religion.  Sr. Edwardine also became the Religious Education Director for St. Philip’s parish, a role she held for 21 years.  In preparation for this, she studied doctrinal renewal at Narillac College in St. Louis, MO.

She also served two terms as local superior of the convent.

During her time in religious education, she helped cultivate seeds of faith in the hearts of young people.  Today she continues fostering growth, devoting much of her time to garden work for our provincial house and retreat center.

Although she just celebrated another birthday, Sr. Edwardine is quite adept at “staying young outside,” as she puts it.

3 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds: Sister Edwardine Gerou

  1. What a nice idea – to introduce us to your fellow Sisters, who we seldom get to meet. I hope we’ll be able to learn about more of them and their special talents!


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