Who’s the Patron Saint of Plumbers??!!


St. Vincent Ferrer

Last evening, I was again asked to fill in as aide for an hour.  Things usually go pretty smoothly and I don’t mind the work.

However, last night was a bit unusual.  When doing rounds, checking for the cleanliness of the bathroom facilities up on the floors where our residents’ bedrooms are, I found THREE problem areas.

I went in one bathroom area to inspect.  There was another lady in there, who left the stall she had originally planned to use.  She said that it was plugged.

We normally keep a plunger handy beside one toilet for cases such as this, so I tried to find it.  The lady, by this time, was busy in a different stall.  She did not see the plunger in there, however.  The open stall I checked did not have a plunger.  The one stall left to check was locked.


Try as I might, I could not reach the latch from the outside.  I had to crawl underneath to open it up.  (I hoped the floor was clean and that no one had missed the toilet since the last scrubbing there.)

I was able to unlock the door and come out with the needed utensil.  I took care of the neighboring toilet and was soon on my way.  During the course of events, I asked “Who’s the patron saint of plumbers?”.  Neither of us knew.

I found an additional toilet plugged during my time upstairs.  What an unusual night!  (I can go weeks on end without having to deal with this, but last night was exceptional!)

For cases such as this, I figured I’d better figure out who the patron saint of plumbers was.  There is some variation in the answer, but my most consistent finding was Saint Vincent Ferrer.

I can add him to my list of necessary occupational patrons.  I am already accustomed to calling upon the following:

  • Our Blessed Mother and Saint Martha – when baking or cooking
  • Saint Isidore of Seville – for computer issues            ~ and ~
  • Saint John of God – for printer trouble

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2 thoughts on “Who’s the Patron Saint of Plumbers??!!

  1. Oh, Sister Christina, your headlines always pull me in! And the stories do not disappoint.

    Thanks for another fun read. I’ll be calling on St. Isidore soon, I imagine! 🙂


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