Breakfast in a Jar?


Have you ever heard of ‘breakfast in a jar’?

Well, I hadn’t either until I came to Rugby for some days of R&R this past week.  I was invited to join our Sisters serving at Little Flower Parish and School who had been visiting us in Grand Forks over Labor Day Weekend.

The occasion for this (above-mentioned) obscure yet tasty concoction was the tight schedule on Tuesday and Thursday mornings there.  Mass those days is at 7 a.m. and the Sisters are due at school shortly after that.

Consequently, they pack a breakfast in a little bag and take it along.  After Mass, they head directly to the school library, where breakfast is held.

My horizons were broadened Tuesday morning when Sr. Mary Ruth (responsible for breakfast) pulled two covered pint jars out of this little insulated lunch bag.  In the jar were layers of oatmeal, chia seeds, fruit cocktail, and yogurt.

Having never heard of the second ingredient, I needed to have her explain to me what they were.  She reminded me of the ‘Chia Pets’ we used to see advertised on TV as kids.

It’s a good thing that our daily time of silence (the later hours of evening and the time before breakfast) was completed by then; otherwise I would have been completely clueless as to the nature of what I was enjoying with this ‘Breakfast in a jar.’



2 thoughts on “Breakfast in a Jar?

  1. How was the ‘breakfast’? It’s a pretty strange concoction if you ask me. I thought it was going to be a kind of smoothie that you might have to shake and drink through a straw. Each of the ingredients you mentioned sound tasty but I wondered how you liked them tossed together?
    It’s so wonderful to share ideas like this!


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