I’d Better Learn to Control My Temper!!!

IMG_0892.JPGThis afternoon, some “anonymous benefactor” again presented us with a plastic grocery bag full of rhubarb.  It wasn’t a huge amount, and, in order to make it more worthwhile I decided to supplement it with any that was ready in our own back yard.

When it was all cleaned, I had a cart top full of this “North Dakota State Weed,” as we like to call it.

I didn’t want to tackle the chopping all by myself, so again I solicited help from our residents.  I was feeling a little sorry for myself that more people had not come to lend a hand.  I went so far as to page one particular lady to the activity room to join us.

A few minutes later, to my delight, she came along, pushing her walker.  “Oh good, you came!” was my happy reaction.  But, alas, my hopes were not to materialize.  She decided to take part in a game instead. 😦

This lady and I have a fun relationship and tease each other fairly often.  Therefore, I did not hesitate to pretend to aim a nearby stock of rhubarb at her in mock anger at her unwillingness to help.  Unfortunately, the stock left my hand but did not make it to its mock target.  Another lady, who was helping cut rhubarb received a little tap from thus flying vegetation!  To my relief, she seemed to be no worse for the wear, and the afternoon proceeded normally.

An hour or so later, I had stepped into our chapel when I heard the muffled sound of my name being called from the hallway.  I quickly headed out in search of who could be calling me.

It was Paulla, our activity assistant, who was looking for me.  She asked: “Have you seen Ann’s head?  We had to put a Band-Aid on it; it’s really getting a bump.”

I wondered, “Is she serious, or just giving my a bad time?”  Paulla kept her pose, however, and my concern grew.  I thought to myself, “She can’t be hurt that badly; I didn’t throw it that hard.”

However, I saw my unintended victim and she did, indeed, have a Band-Aid on her head.  My concern did not last long, however; I was soon allowed the relief of knowing that they were just teasing me.

At supper, I decided to have a little fun with this with Sr. Elaine, who was sitting across the table from me and works in our business office.  I asked her if Workman’s Comp. covers injuries to residents if they are involved in accidents that are related to St. Anne’s’ work.  She told me it did not.

With that knowledge, in order to prevent any future liabilities, I guess I’d better learn to control my temper.  I can’t afford to let rhubarb get “out of hand.”

Sr. Christina M. Neumann


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