“The Loftier Aspects of the Convent” at “Mother-Daughter Days”

IMG_0895.JPGI just returned from two days at our provincial house in Hankinson, North Dakota, where I helped Sr. Jean Louise with our Mother-Daughter Days.  It was truly a mother-daughter experience for me as well since my own mother was also there helping.

Mothers and their daughters (from quite young to late teens) joined us for this lovely time which included prayer, games, talks, Mass, and more.  We honored St. Kateri, St. Therese, St. Bonaventure, and Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a special way these days.

One nice aspect of the inter-generational gathering, which seems to be included every year, is “story-time;” here some of our Sisters share how they came to answer the call to religious life.

We ended the days with a pilgrimage to the Cathedral in Fargo where we went through the Holy Door for this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Just plain fun was also part of the experience.  One part of this was the craft activities which the girls enjoyed.  Also, yesterday afternoon, we played “Sharks & Minos,” Frogger, and other outdoor games.  Some of the adventure, however, involved “the loftier aspects of the convent,” as I dubbed an expedition some of us enjoyed.

With maternal permission (and accompaniment), I invited some of the attendees to experience this, and thus “see the town.”

There is a small stairway that leads from the top floor out onto the large, flat roof.  From there, one has a beautiful view of the surrounding area, including trees, buildings, and (one evening) emissions from the nearby ethanol plant.

This lofty experience also brings one back in time.  On the way up, and even after entering the roof area, one sees historical objects, including a large, old bell.  A motor (probably from the former elevator) can be seen on the way to the roof.


Please do not be concerned: there is a significant ledge barrier around the flat area where we walked.  Also, we did not allow anyone to even come too close to the edge.  We made every effort to ensure everyone’s safety.  I had this foremost in mind but saw no harm in allowing the visitors to experience the loftier aspects of the convent, something I enjoy seeing myself!

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

PS: We have invited participants to share their own thoughts from the experience of Mother-Daughter Days.  I hope to share some of these here in the near future.

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