Td9401248c50418cb7a1b2d1150ade47dhis past Sunday’s gospel from Luke 7 (and similar accounts) has long been a special one for me, one which deeply resonates with me.  It is the story of the sinful woman weeping, bathing Jesus’ feet with her tears and drying them with her hair, before she concludes by anointing them with costly perfume.

I readily see myself here, doing the same for Him.  It’s a story that I can so easily visualize and take part in spiritually; it’s a favorite of mine for meditation because of this.

This Sunday, hearing the Gospel read, I again got right into the account.  I spontaneously thought: “Too bad I don’t have long hair anymore.  I can’t do that.”  It may seem silly, but I share it because it lead to another insight that I think might profit all of us.

Although I cannot physically, tangibly show my affection for Jesus, as this gospel so often impels me to do, I can do this in a very real way by the way I treat others.

Instead of giving the bare minimum to those who come, asking my assistance, I am called to “go the extra mile.”  I can turn away from my other work and listen to them patiently.

As I was writing this post, someone came to the desk where I am working and chatted with me at length.  I had to heed the message I received at Mass and put it into practice, attentively listening to and conversing with her, even though I really didn’t feel like it.

It is my way of attending to Our Lord tangibly today.  I don’t need the hair I gave up when I was received as a novice ten years ago.  Without it, I have multiple opportunities every day.


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