…How pleasant it is, When [Sisters] Dwell Together as One!

psalm-133Psalm 133 (see above) came to mind today as we gathered for a semi-annual community meeting of our province in Hankinson, ND.

The full verse actually says, “How good and how pleasant it is, when brothers dwell together as one!”

A footnote to this verse actually says: “Brothers: in biblical Hebrew this word includes both the male and female members of a group united by blood relationships or by shared experiences and values.”   I think my application for the verse to the Sisters in our community is, therefore, appropriate.

These meetings are a beautiful, joy-filled experience where we have the chance to come together as one.  We hear announcements, attend Mass in our chapel, participate in discussions, vote on any decisions, and just enjoy being together.

listen 014.JPGA couple added bonuses of the day were the chance to play Scrabble with my postulant directness and ‘tickling the ivory’ – The organ in the chapel there has such a beautiful sound to it.  (I’ve been practicing Pachelbel’s Canon in D and was happy to be able to try it out after dinner.)

~ ~ ~ ~

In closing, I’d like to alert you to the fact that there may not any more posts on Our Franciscan Fiat until after May 24.  I (Sr. Christina) will be away for community functions until that time and may not have regular access to a computer.  


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