“Let Us Go Rejoicing…”


July 2, 2013

Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF

This psalm (the responsory for the fifth Wednesday of Easter) has a special place in my heart and special significance for me.

It started out in high school or college, when I began praying the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This psalm was always used Saturday evening in this small blue volume.

Around this same time, I was introduced to the song “Unto the House of the Lord,” which is based on this psalm.  I have had it on CD for years.

Then, in 2013, when preparing for the liturgy for my perpetual profession, I discovered that the entrance antiphon for such a Mass is drawn from this scripture.

One can almost feel the eagerness of the ancient Israelite pilgrims when reading this beautiful psalm.  We continue to use it on occasion in the Liturgy of the Hours (Saturday evening, week four).

Silly as it may sound, it reminds me of the 1960s song, “Chapel of Love.”  I grew up hearing the oldies station with my dad.  On numerous occasions, I’ve been involved in the fun of singing “…Bells will ring; the sun will shine…” on the way to chapel.  The references to one’s wedding day in this song give it beautiful parallels for us in the Religious Life.

It is good to rejoice in the gift we have of going to the House of the Lord.  We are so privileged!  We need not travel to Jerusalem, but only as far as the nearest chapel or church, to “enter His presence singing for joy.”


4 thoughts on ““Let Us Go Rejoicing…”

  1. Sister Christina, I am housebound with illness and cannot get to mass and am so happy to hear you had this prayer on CD, I am looking for prayers on CD to listen to, could you tell me if the one you have is still available or if you know where to get them, thank you and God bless you and the Sisters, Meaghan Ellis


    • Thank… PS: Do you have cousins that I know in Fargo…it seems that I’ll be there for a little while on Tuesday.

      On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 9:44 PM, Our Franciscan Fiat wrote:

      > KJN commented: “Thank you for the beautiful reflection! How can we not be > joyful with song in our hearts?” >


  2. This verse always excites my spirit also. I learned a song years ago, in a Charismatic prayer group in Devils Lake: “I Rejoiced when they said to me, Let us go unto the House of the Lord.” As the years have passed, it becomes ever more meaningful and dear to me. THANKS for your reflections.

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