What’s an Impulse?

impulse-85459126This year, we are celebrating the 775th Anniversary of our community’s existence. On that happy occasion, the Sisters of our international congregation are engaging in special discussions.

The Sisters in our generalate in Germany are providing us with reading materials and discussion questions on the three evangelical counsels. What is so neat about this is that they are specific to our Franciscan congregation, drawing from numerous sources, including our own constitutions. I am so grateful for these materials and for the discussion this occasion is bringing about within our local community.

It is so special, to me, to read and discuss materials written for Dillingen Franciscans by Dillingen Franciscans – they are specifically tailored to us.

The language, however, does not seem ‘specifically tailored to us’ Americans. The documents were originally written in German and the English translation is quite interesting at times.  Americans do not use all the English words in the same ways as Indians (I believe Indians Sisters translated).  An example which we chuckle at is the “Impulses.”

The documents we are reading together offer questions for discussion at the end of each section. Somehow, they are given the heading of “Impulses.”  Maybe the original German word had a different connotation.

Impulses or no impulses, I am very grateful for these discussions which, in accord with our Constitutions, “serve the honor of God, strengthen the oneness of the community, and promote our apostolic service.”

Thankfully, the frequency of these discussions is guided by our directives and our schedule, rather than by impulse.

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