From Rump Roast to Head Cheese

old (4).jpgWe are finally just about finished with our little lamb cake!  Every year at Easter, the kitchen makes pound cake delicacies to mark the paschal celebrations.

The lamb is an Easter symbol, reminding us of Christ as the Lamb who was sacrificed.

The making of lamb cakes at St. Anne’s  started back when our sisters were still working in the kitchen.  At that time, there were so many here that two lambs were needed, a bigger and a smaller one.

The lamb, along with ham and colored eggs, is traditionally blessed here after the Easter vigil.

Now, it takes a while for us to finish the one, and be the time we’re at his head, our poor little lamby is a little bit hard.

We start cutting from the back end, and tease that we’re indulging in ‘rump roast.’  As the days of Eastertide progress, however, we finish the hind quarters and make our way to the head.

We have discovered that my homemade rhubarb sauce goes very well with the lamb, which by this time is a bit dry.  I will jokingly say that I am ‘going to get out the gravy,’ before going to the refrigerator for the container of sauce.

At present, at that is left of our little lamb is the head and neck section.  So, now we joke that we have head cheese.


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