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IMG_0889The following question was recently submitted:
I have a question for you.  
Recently you wrote a post on SWEET SILENCE.  In it you quoted from Constitutions 3.10.  Since Constitutions is not a book in my Bible, could you tell me if this is from a book for postulants or some other study guide?
Thank you,
Dear Betty,
Thanks for your interest.I apologize for the lack of clarity in last week’s brief post.  The ‘constitutions’ referenced there is the document of our congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen, which we Sisters in our community are to follow.
It gives directives and advice on various matters related to our life: prayer, common life, practices, etc.  When we make our vows, we promise to live in poverty, consecrated chastity, and obedience, according to the Rule of the Third Order of St. Francis and the Constitutions of our Congregation of Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen.
Supplemental to our constitutions are the provincial directives, which each province (e.g., Brazil, India, etc.) has to offer more specific guidelines that vary from province to province
Thank you, Betty, for your question. Anyone else wishing to submit a question may click here.  

One thought on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know…

  1. The only constitution most Americans have heard of is the United States Constitution, the document that our founding fathers wrote so it would be clear to everyone what it means to be a United States citizen. That is what the constitutions of religious orders do for the men and women who join them. A constitution is simply a piece of paper (or copy of it) on which the founders wrote the details of what means to be one of these people.

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