Easter triumph, Easter Joy…

Happy Easter everyone!!!  And please, don’t forget we can say that for 48 more days!  (People seem to do a double-take if you greet them with this joyful expression any time after Easter Monday morning.  I think that is too bad.)

We’ve waited and prepared for so long to celebrate the joy of our Lord’s glorious resurrection, but so many people are so quick to act like the season is over when we’re barely into the octave.

I prefer to take advantage of it.  This morning, in Bible study, we really got into the joy of Easter, singing Easter hymns and reading the gospel accounts from that first Easter Sunday morning.  (We only got about half way through the accounts, so we have plenty more material for next week. 🙂  )   That activity room was really buzzing with the Alleluia’s.

After Bible study, I had to take a moment to recover from laughter.  To prevent boredom from too much sitting and listening, I decided to have a few people act out one of the resurrection appearance accounts: that of the road to Emmaus.

When one of the residents (who was filling the role of one of the two disciples traveling from Jerusalem) used the phrase “passed away” when trying to say what they ‘spoke of on the way,” I couldn’t resist a chuckle – what a turn of phrase!

LFS-motto-300x225I plan on returning to these beautiful accounts of people encountering our Risen Lord multiple times during these seven weeks of Easter.   I like to place myself in the scenes as I pray.  I even use them for meditation while reciting the rosary, taking a different Easter encounter for each decade.

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