He Comes…

broom-clipart-as6099I was doing some spring cleaning at our convent today, since I have a break from my receptionist and aide duties.  The time was a wonderful reprieve after the chaos of the residents’ shopping day, a meeting, aide duties, and more yesterday.

Who’d have thought that cleaning house could be called a break?  🙂


In the coarse of my cleaning, I noticed a little poem that I  copied out years ago, probably when I was still in Rugby.  The author is unknown, but it is a beautiful, touching reflection that I would like to share with you.   It still hangs on the door to my bedroom.

I hope it touches your heart as it did mine.

He comes as a companion of the lonely;
a faithful friend who cares and understands.
He comes as a physician to the hurting,
with tenderness and healing in His hands.

He comes as a protector to the helpless,
a shepherd who calls all His lambs by name,
a father who sees every child as special,
whose gentle heart loves each, both well and lame.

He comes, the consolation of the suffering,
the light that breaks through darkness and despair.
He comes and we discover that His presence
is the loving answer to our every prayer.


Isn’t it great that “He comes” to us in our neediness?

Some days we long for a companion, a friend.  At other dimes, it’s a physician, a protector, a shepherd, and a father that we need.  Sometimes, we feel the need of His consolation in suffering and His light against despair.

~ Always, we need His presence…and He comes. ~

.Sr. Christina M. Neumann

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