Hoodie Hoo Day: A Lenten Observance?

LFS-motto-300x225Have you ever heard of Hoodie Hoo Day?  I certainly hadn’t until this past month.  We were reading over a list of monthly observances in preparation for our February resident newsletter.  One of my committee members/writers may have been familiar with it and wanted to do an article about this somewhat obscure topic.

I try to accommodate the wishes and interests of those involved and so gave her the ‘go-ahead.’  It turns out that ‘Hoodie Hoo Day (Feb. 20) is a day on which people go outside at noon, throw up their hands and shout ‘Hoodie Hoo,’ in hopes of chasing away winter.  It might even help bring in springtime, right?   So it is allegedly hoped, though I don’t know who would be foolish enough to put any stock in that.

With my new knowledge of the spring-spawning observance, I gathered a small group of residents after their lunchtime today.  We went outside and called out ‘Hoodie Hoo!’  I had forgotten the part about throwing up one’s hands, so that step was neglected.

I know it seems silly, and I really doubt it will bring spring any faster, but I thought it would be good to help alleviate a little bit of the February blahs.  We’re ready for spring.

In grade school we were taught that Lent meant Spring, coming from the Old English for “lengthening of days.”  In a way, I think, these two observances might be related (Hoodie Hoo Day and Lent).

‘Hoodie Hoo Day seeks to liven things, to shake things up a bit, and to hasten Spring, a time of new life.  Lent does likewise.  We try to liven up our spiritual lives and renew our acts of charity and penance.  We, with God’s help, strive to ‘shake’ ourselves out of complacency which so easily creeps into our lives.  We do this in preparation for the paschal celebration of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter.

Though you may not want to make a fool of yourself (like we did at noon), might there be few ways that you can liven up things in your own spiritual life this Lent and also renew your acts of love for those around you?

Sr. Christina M. Neumann


2 thoughts on “Hoodie Hoo Day: A Lenten Observance?

    • I think so…it’s supposed to be a warm week ahead!

      On Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 8:58 PM, Our Franciscan Fiat wrote:

      > Tracy T commented: “LOL I have a feeling your “hoodie-hoo” will work > perfectly well even if you forgot the hand-raising bit :P” >


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