Thoughts before Lent

I look forward, somewhat, to this time of Lent
in which we are called to repent,
to mend our ways, where they are wrong
and not just, thoughtlessly, drift along.

It’s a time to renew our good resolutions,
rememb’ring that prayer is the solution,
that we cannot just, by determination
overcome our vices (like procrastination).

I find it is easier to do what I should
once I’ve made up my mind on what would be good.
Without commitments or some rules to follow
it’s easy to make excuses and be rather ‘hollow.’

Today, on this day of recollection
when sitting in chapel for prayer and reflection
I made my own list of things that I want
to follow when trav’ling life’s daily jaunt.

In doing this, though, I always recall,
that, really, I can’t do it at all
without grace and help from above
so instead of on me, I’ll rely on His love.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann, OSF

4 thoughts on “Thoughts before Lent

  1. Thank you, Sister Christina, what a great inspiration. I enjoy all your articles very much. Will see you in April. God Bless you. Delores Hackenberg


  2. AMEN & amen! Wonderful insight and an even better reminder! I often tell people who say they are worried about ‘this ‘n that’ – that God does not want us to worry. He wants us to put faith in Him, He will handle all problems.


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