Cleaning up the Kitchen can be fun?

72779F83-72D7-45B9-8CF6-24EFA7D62D72Well, I ‘got domestic’ again today.  Between Mass preparations and attendance, receptionist duties, lunch, and office work, I decided to sneak in some cookie-making.

I had realized that we were getting low on cookies for Sr. Elaine to serve at “coffee time.”  (That is when people stay after Mass and visit over a cup of coffee and enjoy cookies.)  Rather than her need to buy more, I thought I might as well bake some up right here at St. Anne’s.  It had been a week since I made pumpkin-spice muffins for our residents, and I would hate to let my domestic skills (or lack there of) get rusty.  [Truthfully, I really don’t usually bake this often.]

I still had baking chocolate around that I got at Christmastime and plenty of other needed ingredients, including some that were still good, but needed to be used up.

I thought chocolate-chunk oatmeal cookies would be a good choice and decided to slightly modify a recipe I had used successfully before.  One batch was only supposed to make a dozen cookies, so I thought I might as well make it worthwhile and do a double batch right away.

I discovered, however, that the baking chocolate pieces, which I cut up, did not com close to equaling the two cups needed for the tasty oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies I had in mind.  I remembered, though, that we had received some chocolate previously, which still sat in our refrigerator at the convent, going no where fast.

After confirming with my other sisters that they would not miss it too much, I went ahead and cut that up into small ‘chunks’ as well.  I had also found nuts that were getting eaten at the same turtle-like speed as the chocolates and chopped them with my handy-dandy nut chopper.

Adding the vanilla, though, proved to be a challenge.  The neck on our little bottle of vanilla doesn’t lend itself to opening facility and the little bottle got passed around a little before one of our residents surprised me with her strength and got the stubborn thing open.

A double batch, which I finished early this afternoon, proved to make over 3 dozen cookies.  Sr. Elaine should be well-supplied for coffee time, for a little while at least.  After all, Lent is coming up and that may decrease the rate at which sweets are consumed at the post-Mass gatherings.


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