A ‘Cold & Flu’ are no Fun…unless it’s ‘Cold & Flu Hangman’

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, colds have really been going around here at St. Anne’s.  Filling in as a personal care aide for twelve days, I was not exempt: I am starting to get better from my second cold of the season – yuck!

The regularly scheduled game for the afternoon, ‘Roll-it Tic-Tac-Toe,’ is one that is fairly conducive to the spreading of germs, which seem to be so rampant this time of year.  Instead we decided to have some fun with the whole cold & flu theme, while also encouraging ‘infection control.’

I suggested to Paulla, our activity assistant, the idea of playing ‘Cold & Flu Hangman,’ which would mean less sharing of objects, and thus less germ-sharing as well.

We had fun, and the residents did fairly well, guessing letters to complete words pertaining to these winter ailments.  Our list included words like: mucus, pneumonia, cough, sickness, feverphlegm and (a particularity fun one) snot.  This last one was guessed right away!

After the game, I went around and sanitized the tables and chairs, where people had enjoyed their afternoon snacks between nose-blows and coughs.

003.JPGI’m glad we can use humor and turn an unsavory experience into an opportunity for some fun.



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