Inspired to “Wake Up the World”


We just got back from a wonderful trip to St. Louis, MO, with stops at various places, including Sioux City and Iowa City, IA, Independence, Columbia, Hannabal and Kansas City, MO, and Darwin, MN.  You’re welcome to check out our Facebook Page for pictures from the trip.

This “symposium” was entitled “Wake Up The World,” after the theme of this Year for Consecrated Life, celebrated throughout the whole Church.  A recurring theme in the talks seemed to be how we, as religious, are to give prophetic witness to people in our society today.  In a sense, I guess, we are to “wake up the world”to the reality and beauty of our faith; we are to point them to Christ.

This meeting of about 500 Sisters from around the country served to help “wake us up” and encourage us in our life.  It was not so much that we learned something new.  Rather, it reminded us of what our life is about, that as Sisters we have a life totally given to Christ, which extends out to His people.

The experience of this trip was so rich that I cannot exhaust it all in one post.  I may devote a couple of additional articles to sharing some of the wealth of the experience.


3 thoughts on “Inspired to “Wake Up the World”

  1. I, for one, am looking forward to additional posts by you on this subject. When we socialize, we learn many things from one another, sometimes without even realizing it.
    Thank you, Sister Christina, for your cheerful and friendly ‘wake up calls’ to breakfast in the morning and your call to Chapel. I realize this was not the ‘Wake Up’ that you were referring to but, I know you go out of your way to start our days on a joyful note.


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