Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis…

20151010_094951That first line (which is all I know) of an old song has been resurfacing in my mind from time to time in recent days.

I don’t know when I’ll next be putting anything on Our Franciscan Fiat.  I will be out of town for almost a week.

I know I am a grown woman (and a professed member of a religious congregation, and all that) but I’ve been getting really excited!  The drudgery of a couple hours of laundry, packing, and other preparations has taken its toll on my level of enthusiasm, however.

I’ve known this trip to St. Louis was coming for some time, now.  At a Community Meeting (in May, perhaps?), I was basically told that I should be one of the Sisters from our province attending this Symposium for the Year of Consecrated Life, offered by the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious (CMSWR).  I have a great respect for this organization, which was instrumental in my own vocational journey.

It will be nice to meet with other women religious from around the country and be enriched by reflections on the Consecrated Life.  However, This is not the only cause of my eagerness.  I also will be able to spend time with three dear Sisters from our community; we’ll have plenty of time to visit and enjoy each other’s company, as we are driving down together.

Furthermore, I love history.  I remember learning about the pioneers travelling in wagon trains.  We always heard about them leaving from Independence, MO, and that is where we will spend the night Thursday (before the last leg of our journey).  We know another community of Franciscan Sisters there who have offered us hospitality.

As if all that was not enough, I’ll have the opportunity to meet up with my uncle who lives in the Kansas City area.

So, yes, like a school girl, I am excited!


3 thoughts on “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis…

  1. Wishing you Godspeed, Sr. Christina. May your travels be safe with no problems.
    And Prayers for a great time of visiting, sharing, and learning. It would be very exciting
    to go for all the reasons you gave as well as the opportunity to learn more.


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