Sign of Peace…Gift of Peace

P1010003This morning at Mass, I was touched as I watched others exchange a sign of peace before Communion.  I had time to watch other members of the congregation interact since I was not sitting very too near anyone.  (I do not believe in running all over during Mass to shake hands with people.)

I was struck with the beauty of our little community here at St. Anne’s where residents and visitors exchanged sincere goodwill to each other during this holy moment.  It was heartwarming.

Peace, I think, is meant to touch many moments of our day.  Our Franciscan rule, in fact, exhorts us: “As they announce peace with their lips, let them be careful to have it even more within their own hearts.”  The Rule also supplies us with a little greeting, which I wish was more utilized: “The Lord give you peace.”

In reflecting on this, might I ask: Do we truly find the peace in our hearts which we are meant to experience as a gift from God?  Or do anxieties, comings and goings, steal this treasure which Jesus gave before His Ascension.

How can we find these moments of peace?  Taking time for prayer may be one answer.  Sometimes, these moments just come, unexpectedly.  This morning’s experience of seeing peoples’ interaction at Mass. and being touched by it, is an example of how this gift of peace can come to us when we’re not even looking for it.

We have so many things to be grateful for; let’s not forget to say ‘thank you’ to Jesus for His gift of peace, given when we least expect it.


2 thoughts on “Sign of Peace…Gift of Peace

  1. People are sometimes surprised when I meet them and say, “The Peace of the Lord be always with you.” I love that greeting – it goes right to the heart of what I am wishing for them. No wasted words, no frivolities, just the truth.
    I sit near the back of the church and, Sunday, I was honored to witness something every bit as beautiful – a sign of peace, love straight from the heart and a Blessing from God – all in one. Monsignor arrived and blessed himself with Holy Water as he entered our Chapel, then stopped just long enough to dip his fingers again and send the Holy droplets over Sister Rebecca, in the spot where she sat praying.
    I was part of a special moment in time.


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