OktoberFest in 3D! (or should I say 4?)

003Friday afternoon was a lot of fun here at St. Anne’s!  We had our monthly dance with an ‘OktoberFest’ theme, complete with accordion music, dancing,
sauerkraut, brauts, and a Tirolerhüte (Bavarian hat) for each participant to wear.

I didn’t have other duties that had to be done that second, and I was curious about this event which I had helped a little to promote, so I decided to take some work with me, sit at a table and listen.  That way, too, I could be available to dance with anyone who looked like the would like a partner; I would also be ready to help serve the German goodies when the time came.

The work I had that needed attending to happened to be darning: not my favorite task, but it had been setting in my mending bag for long enough.  To my great disappointment, I ran out of black thread and was unable to finish all the items; my “Friday penance” came to a premature end.  I could have exclaimed: “Ach du liebe Zeit!” (“Oh dear!,” For Pete’s sake!,” or “Dear me!”) as I recall one of our German sisters sometimes doing at table when I lived in Hankinson.

Soon, anyway, it was time to help serve.  I was giving the job of distributing beverages to the residents and visitors gathered there.

~ ~ ~

The final major project of my day was dusting.  We are anticipating our October Sale and Luncheon, which will be next Saturday.  A shipment of items came in and one of my co-workers was about to “attack” the needed preparations the next day.  She had made a comment of how dusty the gift case had become.

Late that afternoon, I decided to do some “attacking” of my own, with our gift case as my target.  I had to stop the job of carefully removing items and wiping down the glass before returning them to their places (or as close thereto as possible) to give the evening receptionist a supper break.

After that, when I went for my own supper and was visiting with our residents, we discussed the dancing, darning, and dusting I had been involved in that afternoon.  I caught the alliteration involved here and realized it had potential for some fun.  However, I was not able to come up with anything clever.  One of our ladies, though, was very quick to come up with something for me; she referred to this as 3-D.  I thought it was quite witty of her.

I could mention a fourth D, at the risk of losing part of the ring this phrase once had. That would be delight.  When I had finally finished all that cleaning, including wiping the windows of the case, I experienced delight (believe it or not) in seeing how the glass shown, so fresh and clean.  I should also mention the delightful time we all had at the OktoberFest Dance earlier in the day.

Hopefully, these moments of delight can remind us to be grateful to the One who is the source of our true and lasting delight.

Sr. Christina M. Neumann


One thought on “OktoberFest in 3D! (or should I say 4?)

  1. What a neat story. One of my brothers likes to use alliteration a lot. We used to have a contest to see
    who could come up with the most words in a row that started with the same letter, etc.
    I’ve found a couple in the Liturgy of the Hours book. (I can’t remember which day, but the words start with “f”.


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