Making Time and Effort for Recollection and Renewal

By: Sr. Christina M. Neumann

In our community, we have a “day of monthly renewal,” during which we try to observe silence and also take a little extra time for prayer and reflection.  In the convents that I’ve lived in, usually, this is the first Sunday of the month.

As a novice, I was instructed to look over the past month and make goals for the one to come.  However, I’ve noticed that when I’ve done this, I’ve pretty much forgotten what my resolutions were before many days had elapsed.  Maybe that’s something I could work more on, but I’ve never had much success with “recollection day goals.”

001One thing I do try to do comes directly from our Dillingen Franciscan Constitutions, which state: “As individuals and as members of a community, we frequently evaluate how well we are living our Poverty in the light of the Gospel and of St. Francis’ charismatic love of Poverty, so that our love for Poverty will grow in spirit and in fact.”

Along with evaluating my living of poverty, I think I also (would) do well to evaluate my living of charity towards my fellow Sisters and all those I serve.  A good time for this is during my evening examen and when preparing for confession.  Our Constitutions do further instruct us that “Poverty is worthless unless we are devoted to one another in heartfelt love.”

I recalled today, during “recollection,” that it is good to periodically look at and evaluate ourselves, how things are going. (Actually, doing so every evening on a lesser scale is very good.)  I’d like to apply this principal also to this blog.  Also, I’d like to ask you, our readers, about it.  Please, would you take a moment to give me some input.  Rather than just continuing as I am, without evaluating it, I would like to make a “day of renewal” for Our Franciscan Fiat as well.


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