Thoughts from a Friend of the Sisters

Guest Post by George Wirsing

A year and a half ago, as of October 1, I moved into the independent apartments at St. Anne’s Guest Home, which is run by the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen, who have convents around the world in Germany, India, Brazil, and here in North Dakota.

They have had a long history here in North Dakota, doing ministry among the people in various areas, including Grand Forks, Hankinson, and Rugby.

I have been blessed to get to know some of them: the Provincial, Sister Ann Marie, and just recently, the Superior for the entire Congregation, Sister Roswitha as well as Sisters Jean Louise and Mary Ruth at Rugby, and others who have come to St. Anne’s.  But the sisters that I have had daily contact with are Sister Rebecca, Sister Elaine, and Sister Christina, whose friendships I appreciate the most.  Their insight and overseeing of this facility make it a safe and friendly place for the elderly, the retired, and those with a variety of physical needs.

P1010008I have come not only to value them for their vows and the service that they render to our community, the Church and specially to our Lord and His Mother, Mary, but for their friendship and individual talents that they bring.  And, in the end, I value them among my very best friends.


One thought on “Thoughts from a Friend of the Sisters

  1. Beautifully spoken. I’m sure this is true for so many if not all of the residents at St. Anne’s. Regardless of our vocations or walks in life we all need ‘friends”. We all need deep, meaningful, relationships. We hunger for them. Let us all strive for intentional relationships, especially with our Lord, Jesus Christ!


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