A Week of Special Visits

This week is truly a special time for us!

 As American Catholics, we are happy at the visit of Pope Francis to our own country.  I’ve been following the coverage of his travels somewhat.

As Dillingen Franciscan Sisters of the Hankinson, ND province, we’re also having  a special visit: our superior general, Sr. Roswitha, is visiting from Germany, along with one of her Councillors, Sr. Paulit, originally from India.

Here at St. Anne’s we’re ‘getting into the spirit.’  We enjoyed a presentation from our visiting Sisters about their native lands, and this morning our activity director is doing a little program on the pope and using some fun trivia questions I found.

As I type this, from the comfort of the St. Anne’s reception desk, Sr. Elaine is filling a role she enjoys, that of a driving tour guide.  She is showing our Sisters the sites of the City of Grand Forks, complete with insights into the history, especially that related to the infamous ‘flood of ’97.’

I am happy to have other duties that detain me from coming with (working the front desk) so I can avoid getting car-sick.


Sisters and visitors gather in resident dining room

Nonetheless, I would like to close by reflecting on how blessed we are, this week in early autumn, to have these special visitors!

Welcome to the U.S.A., Pope Francis, Sr. Roswitha, and Sr. Paulit!  It is good to have you with us!


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