“We’re going shoplifting…I mean shopping.”

sisters shopping(Please note: We work at St. Anne’s, a home for elderly and vulnerable adults.)

This morning, I hurried after prayer to make chapel preparations for Mass before going with Sister Elaine on her bi-weekly expedition.  I normally do not do this, but I am getting ready to make special cheese cakes for our upcoming celebration of St. Anne’s Day and needed a few ingredients.

We left right away at 7 a.m. in one of the big vans to go shopping; we wanted to be back on time for our 9 a.m. Mass.  Sr. Elaine was to play the organ for the first hymn and I needed to be available to make finishing touches on the sacristy/altar preparations.

Along with many other duties, Sr. Elaine helps St. Anne’s by “shoplifting.”  Don’t worry; this does not refer to any illegal activity, but is just the term she jokingly uses to alert staff of her plans; they give her their lists of needed items and she graciously picks them up for them.

Rather than add to her burden (especially since I was a little uncertain as to what I was getting), I went with Sr. Elaine this morning and found my cream cheese and graham crackers.  I was “tickled pink” because I made a neat discovery.  I will be making some chocolate peanut butter cakes along with the raspberry ones and I wanted something for a tasty and decorative topping.  It made my morning when I saw bags of “Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chips”…how perfect; it was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even know that such a thing existed.  It seemed that Someone was looking out for me!

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

3 thoughts on ““We’re going shoplifting…I mean shopping.”

    • We made one raspberry swirl already to test it out. Now, it is cooling. It is pretty. I also made the shells ahead of time so that’s one less thing to deal with Friday when we make the rest of the cakes. I’m thinking, for the chocolate/peanut butter one, of doing a layer of peanut butter with the cream cheese and a layer of Hershey’s powder with it. I wonder how the consistency will work out with the peanut butter, though.


  1. This little post gives a great deal of insight into how community life actually works. Everyone has her duty (you, the sacristan duties, Sister Elaine, the shopping duties). Yet in the schedule there is room for each one to be generous and help others (Sister Elaine has some time to “pick up” things for people and you can make a special treat). But the schedule is demanding. You cannot let your good intentions deflect you from the things people are relying on you for. (You are both expected back for community Mass where your prayers and talents are needed, so the trip has a time constraint.). Usually such things can be worked out, (You went with Sister Elaine so her time could be used efficiently while you looked for what you needed). And, even when not absolutely necessary, God helps. (He inspired someone to market “Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chips” for you). Excellent post.

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