“Laundry Ladies”…what an unexpected phone call and an unplanned afternoon have in common

Double L team

Sr. Christina M. Neumann

Late last evening, I got a phone call from my former “junior directress,” who mentored me during my years between the end of novitiate and my final vows in 2013.  Sister Leonida has been of great assistance to me over the years, but this time, she wanted a favor from me!

Since moving back to our provincial house/St. Francis Convent (SFC) in Hankinson, she has befriended the two women who work in the main laundry room there.  She told me last night that she goes down from time to time and visits them, often bringing jokes to share.  Even though she has experienced many years of life, Sister still has a youthful sense of humor along with many other gifts.

Sister Leonida knows the propensity I have for making up names for things and people; after all, when I first came to our community, I dubbed her the “C.C.C.C.”  (consistent, careful, counter cleaner) for her diligent work cleaning up after meals.  So this time when she called, it was to ask me for name ideas.

This is because Sister Leonida had referred to the workers as ‘laundry ladies.’  They had expressed to her that they would prefer a different name.  After a brief discussion, we came up with “the Double L Team” (which stands for Laundry Laidies).  I offered to try and design a logo for them with the new name, and came up with the above image, just in time to save it and attach it in an email before turning in for the night.

Little did I know, as I did this little graphic design project, that I would be the “laundry lady” today, due to a family emergency on the part of our regularly scheduled worker.  It’s ironic that today I got the job of collecting, sorting,checking pockets and laundering our residents’ clothing, right after my naming endeavor with Sr. Leonida.


One thought on ““Laundry Ladies”…what an unexpected phone call and an unplanned afternoon have in common

  1. You have more talents than a whole room of those competing on America’s Got Talent.
    The logo is perfect. So to a one day Double L Team member — Have a great night and God bless you.


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