Reflections of a Franciscan Associate

Guest Post by Kathy Lieberg

franciscan associate 009

Sister Christina asked me if I would like to do an article for her Franciscan Fiat blog and it got me to thinking about my duties as an Associate at St. Anne’s.  As an associate of the Sisters of St. Francis there is one duty which is very close to my heart- sacristan duties.  The sacristan sets up for Mass and puts things away after.  I have this great opportunity almost daily.

As I go about the business of getting everything ready for Mass I feel a sense of peace and it humbles me to think that I am handling the objects which the priest will use to celebrate Mass and execute the Consecration!  As a priest consecrates the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus he is in “persona Christi”, the person of Christ.  Therefore, imagine what it would be like to handle the cruets, ciborium, and chalice for “Jesus” to use for our behalf!?

I also help distribute communion for most of our daily Masses.  This too, is an extremely humbling experience.  We are all called to treat each person we meet as if they are Jesus, but to actually ‘give’ them Jesus at communion time is an overwhelming thought and privilege.

Lately, I have taken on the washing and ironing of purificators.  This is another chance to ‘get with God’ in a special way!  As I iron and fold them I am reminded of how our Creator also ironed and folded us in a special way when he created us in our mother’s womb.  The purificator gets wrinkles through use at Mass but our souls get wrinkles through our sin.  As I iron I pray that our good God will iron out our sins with his love.

Editor’s Note: Our Associate program is for people, single or married, who want to work together with the Sisters and be connected with them (us).  For more information, contact Sr. Leonida (or Sr. Ann Marie) at 701-242-7195.  


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