Happy (non-)Birthday, to my postulant directress, Sr. Sara Marie!

Sr. Sara Marie at some patriotic event.

Sr. Sara Marie at some patriotic event

This weekend, my former postulant directress, Sr. Sara Marie will commemorate her birthday.  I’ve known her for ten years, since I first visited Hankinson back in 2004, but she’s only celebrated two birthdays since then!  You see, she was born on February 29th.  I love to tease about that, but I am most grateful for her life and all she has taught me, both during postulancy (about the beauty of the Consecrated life) and beyond.

You may have heard the term “postulant” but not really know what this part of formation entails, or what it means.  Before we go further, postulant is the one who is looking into religious life and postulancy is the stage of formation which she is in.  According to our constitutions, “the Postulancy is a time for the postulant and the Congregation to become better acquainted with each other…The duration of the Postulancy is at least six months, and normally not longer than two years. The time may vary for individuals.  (6.5-6)  Our provincial directives further stipulate that “the Postulant lives in our Motherhouse, where she observes the order of the day.”

During my own postulancy, I really discovered the depth and beauty of our vocation through my “classes” with Sr. Sara Marie.  At the same time, I enhanced my skills of cleaning the depths of toilets with my bathroom duties, which I dubbed “Penta-P privileges” (short for Perpetual, Professional, Porcelain and Plug Purification)

Franciscan sisters in the dishroom

I also helped with dishes.

Thanks, Sr. Sara Marie, and happy (non-)birthday!

4 thoughts on “Happy (non-)Birthday, to my postulant directress, Sr. Sara Marie!

  1. Fun one…just think, in just one year I will be 15! My twin has already asked me to come home for our next birthday in 2016 since it’s been many years since we celebrated a birthday together. Party. Phoenix. February 29, 2016. Jeanne’s & Tom’s home. All welcome.

    I, too, remember our classes together studying the Theology of the Religious LIfe as taught by Father Thomas Nelson, O. Praem, and the IRL/Vita Consecrata Summer Program. A life changing (enriching) experience for me. And getting to go through it again with SCN and a couple of others was very good for me.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings! I am glad for my life, too, but mostly because of all the good people God has given me through it all. Life is nothing without relationships, friendships, bonds,..as modeled in the Trinity itself, the very image and inspiration for our own community life.

    Sister Christina, do you remember the other models of community? 🙂


  2. Since then you’ve graduated to other special privileges and are excellent in completing them.
    Our Fraternity loves you and thanks God that you are our Spiritual Assistant. Thanks, Sr. Christina.


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